Services for Companies

Our experience in HR agency recruitment enables us to assist you with your recruitment projects. We can also work selectively as a delivery partner on those time and resource hungry elements in the process.

Pre-employment Services

Position Descriptions

We work with you to undertake job analysis in order to prepare or update competency based Position Descriptions, utilising your templates or ours.

Advertisement Writing

We work with you to write job advertisements that elicit responses from the right talent pools for print media or on-line job boards (mobile ready) as required.

Resume Screening

Utilise our expertise from the recruitment agency and HR arenas enabling us to quickly understand your job requirements and efficiently screen your ad response to produce a shortlist of high quality candidates with feedback.

Telephone Interviews

We work with you to develop job relevant templates for conducting telephone interviews which will provide you with a shortlist of screened candidates, relevant to a vacancy. We provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates to maintain relationships and protect employment brand as required.

Face to Face Behavioural Based Interviews

Utilise us on your interview panel or to undertake interviews on your behalf.  With our knowledge of HR and agency recruitment we understand the processes and associated technologies including competency based behavioural interviewing and profiling.

Reference Checking

Reference checking is a critical part of the recruitment process and it is important the information gained is factual and impartial.  We will work with you to create job and candidate specific reference checking templates, conduct telephone reference checks and provide written reports.

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