Scalable Functional Resourcing (SFR) for Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management has undergone relentless change and transformation in recent times. Major shifts have been:

  • From Administrative to Strategic focus
  • From HR functional centric to Leadership HR accountability
  • From functional to business partnering focus
  • From process and people driven delivery to technology leveraged delivery.

The next shift is to rebalance HR quality, cost and responsiveness:

  • From lean to agile leveraging Scalable Functional Resourcing.

As for most business functions undergoing transformational change, one of the core and critical challenges has been maintaining the right balance between quality, cost, and agility to maintain effective, efficient and responsive delivery of the functional charter.

HR functions are now focused on maintaining the highest control of quality with the least cost and most agile resource response to meet business expectations and outcomes.

The Scalable Functional Resourcing (SFR) approach relative to other approaches provides for:

  • The highest opportunity (with lowest management overhead) for control of quality.
  • The highest opportunity for control of short term and long term cost with the highest agility to achieve client responsiveness.

The Scalable Functional Resourcing (SFR) approach:

  • Is based on the establishment of an ongoing partnering relationship with an SFR service provider of a duration suited to the Client, at no upfront or ongoing administrative cost.
  • Saves time, money and increases agility and responsiveness by utilizing on-tap pre-qualified, trusted and experienced HR professional delivery partners that work with you and your teams seamlessly as and when required.
  • Meets your HR resource scalability and agility needs to develop, implement and improve Human Resources programs, events, projects and case management to scope and specification under the SFR service provider’s quality management direction and supervision.

Your highest leverage points to achieve the business benefits of Scalable Functional Resourcing might typically be in partnership with a SFR provider for:

  • The management or development of HR deliverables.
  • The facilitation or execution of HR services.
  • The extension of your strategic or tactical HR capacity, capability or reach, addressing:


  • Position Descriptions
  • Ad writing
  • Resume screening
  • Telephone/Skype interviews
  • Face to face Behavioural interviews
  • Reference checking

Organization development

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Organization Design, restructuring & redeployment
  • Reward & recognition alignment
  • Engagement & performance management
  • Success planning

People development

  • Onboarding
  • Design & assessment
  • Sourcing & delivery
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring


  • Exit interview & feedback
  • Redeployment projects
  • Outplacement & career transition

Please contact us if you would like to discuss and explore options for deploying Scalable Functional Resourcing in your HR business unit