Recruitment Costs and the consequences of poor Job Descriptions

An accurate up to date job description is the cornerstone on which any effective recruitment campaign is built.

Research has indicated poor hiring decisions are very expensive indeed and can easily reach as high as 2.5 times the position salary. According to this research, the multiplier seems to increase the higher the job level.

The direct and indirect costs include re-advertising, additional recruitment time, re-on-boarding, re-training, lost productivity, customer disruption, diminished employer brand and low staff engagement/morale.

A major cause of ineffective and inappropriate hiring screening and decision making can be sheeted home to the use of job descriptions that are:

  • old, outdated and inaccurate
  • generic and oversimplified
  • incomplete (just a list of responsibilities or tasks)
  • vague or poorly written (not articulating the required attributes and competencies required).

An inadequate job description can set in train the following failure chain leading to an inappropriate hire:

  • poor recruitment advertisement to attract a pool of suitable candidates
  • inability to identify the appropriate competencies required
  • poor questioning and probing at interview
  • the inability to identify the ideal candidate
  • a bad framework to conduct in-depth reference checking, and ultimately,
  • hiring the wrong person.

Things to avoid:

  • the same tired old job description that has not been reviewed and updated
  • a generic (poorly written for the purpose) paragraph about the company
  • a generic set of job responsibilities
  • a generic set of job requirements without attribute and competencies identified.

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