Five key success factors in writing great Internet Employment Ads

The world of internet job advertising is vast. You can find jobs from the CEO of major international organisations to babysitters on a myriad of local and international job boards.

The World Wide Web is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you may be. Potential candidates don’t have to wait for anything before they can respond to ads, so today, you will automatically have a much higher response rate to your vacancies, than say, 10 years ago. So, how do you make your job advertisement stand out from the crowd?

getselected is in the business of helping you attract those top candidates. Over my 30 plus years of industry experience I have written thousands of job ads and have the knowledge of how, when and where job advertisements work. Experience indicates that companies are sick of:

  • being swamped with unsuitable resumes
  • not always attracting the right candidates
  • responding to the high volume of unsuccessful applications
  • paying for advertising that doesn’t work, and
  • not clearly understanding what job board/categories to use to classify the ad to ensure it gets in front of the right audience.

The internet is not an avenue that a ‘one size fits all’ type of approach will work. Tailoring and refining your ad on each occasion will avoid many of the pitfalls listed above.

getselected has developed a proven and tested formula for writing winning job advertisements, so we would like to share 5 of the key success factors with you.

Talk the Talk:  You can’t attract the right candidates if you don’t speak to the right audience and use the right language. That means you need to utilise general and specialised job boards, the right content, tone and words that your targeted candidates access and understand. The ad also needs to reflect the status, seniority and essential attributes and competencies required in the role.

Get Attention: On Seek today there were over 115,000 job advertisements – so how do you get your ad noticed? Headlines, sub-headings, bullet points and short descriptions need to stop the right candidates in their tracks. These candidates need to be motivated to want to read more.  After all, your competitor’s ad is just one click away!

Interesting and Accurate Content:  Everyone wants to read a job ad that is written well, uses correct punctuation and is easy to read. Remember, the majority of applicants will be initially reading the ad on a hand held device so make it smart phone friendly. Your ad needs to be clear, concise, punchy and compelling with the use of bullet points and white space to make it visually appealing.

Involve and Engage: Try and “talk” to the candidate when writing advertising copy! Address them as “you” rather than “the ideal candidate” or even worse, “the person”. Your copy should include words like “change, ownership, direct, create, build, drive, exciting, new horizons, advancement, rewards, challenge and what’s in it for them” etc. Endeavour to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and think like the ideal candidate would! Ask: “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me?). The answer should make up your ‘top 3 selling points’. Remember you’re selling the opportunity and your company and the candidate is a fussy shopper!

Call to Action: You need the right candidates to apply to your advertised role immediately and before they lose interest and move on to the next advertisement. Remove all possible barriers for the right candidates to make an application. Ensure they can apply on-line, via the job site as this enables applications via smart phones. Avoid things like:

  • immediate start (candidates who need to give notice might not apply)
  • requesting they complete a long list of selection criteria (keep it short and relevant if you use it).

Want to hear more?  Our team at getselected are available to discuss your current pre and post employment HR issues.

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