Success Stories


“With Penny’s recent amazing support and knowledge in career planning, my confidence in pursuing a full time role in graphic design has been re-energized.  After having completed my degree, and finding I was one in a hundred applying for jobs and not being successful I needed further assistance and advice to being chosen for interview.

Penny worked with me to develop my career goal objectives and to restructure my resume, develop my strong online presence and give me the interview techniques to be confident at interview. I was also taught how to develop my contacts and utilise these, concurrent with applying for applicable internships.   I am now currently finishing my first successful internship and feel comfortable applying for full time jobs as a standout, promising candidate.

Penny’s knowledge, warmth and generosity with her time allowed for each of our meetings to run well and often, overtime. With her valuable suggestions and hints, I am a now a more determined, stronger person, with my career now re-energized. Thank you very much Penny!” Anna Lamrock    

“I would like to send my sincere thanks to Penny for her recent guidance and advice.  I recently left a job after 10 years and had lost a little confidence in my interviewing skills and also needed advice on what was expected in regards to my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.  After meeting with Penny I felt energized and much more confident.  Penny reviewed all my work history, edited my resume and updated my LinkedIn account. She gave me great advice in regards to presentation and behavioural interviews and then she referred me to a great recruitment agency!  Penny’s warm and engaging personality made the whole process really enjoyable!

Within one day of sending out my new and improved resume I was asked in for an interview with an amazing Australian company – and two days after that was offered the job.  I can’t thank Penny enough for the confidence boost and the incredibly helpful advice and support she gave me.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to give themselves the ‘edge’ with interview techniques, resume building and perfecting LinkedIn profiles” – Alisa Boyd

“Grahame, I think it would be correct to state that the process of personal development/career planning that I completed with you was the catalyst that helped me identify my future direction and what options were available to me. The end result however, far exceeded my expectations.  To say that I was delighted would be an understatement!”Shirley Hughes

“Penny’s experience and expertise in recruitment is evident with the amount of help she provided me as a candidate in 2012 and 2013. Penny’s guidance and coaching gave me the confidence, knowledge and strategic planning to prepare for interviews, which allowed me to change careers and get a great job. Her assistance and guidance with my resume preparation was professional and catered to the requirements of the direction I wanted my career to head. Her recommendations were perfect! Penny’s genuine and welcoming personality is what kept me coming back to her and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”Crystal Wood

“Grahame, thank you for all your help and patience in helping me to find purpose and meaning in my career and life.”Michelle Power

“Penny was instrumental in helping me make my CV up-to-date and relevant and provided excellent suggestions on how to make me ‘stand-out’. Penny definitely has an eye for what works and I cannot thank her enough for her generosity in taking the time to help me. Thanks Penny!”Emma Bergqvist

“Grahame Barrett is a highly experienced Human Resource executive – with a unique combination of inter-personal skills and commercial perspectives. For several years he has provided a trusted space where I can ‘think out loud’ – allowing me to work through my career options – helping me to set realistic career and job goals – assisting me to make decisions that have paid off in the short and longer term.  I highly recommend Grahame”Tony S

“As a team, they don’t come better equipped than Penny and Grahame at GetSelected.  I approached them to assist me to fine tune my LinkedIn profile and resume. Penny has extensive inside knowledge of the recruitment industry’s processes and expectations and hones in on these with expertise. Grahame on the other hand has the ability to quickly and succinctly gear you in a way that ensures you highlight relevant skills, expertise and achievements that you could possible take for granted. His HR corporate knowledge and experience assisted me greatly.

Two days later, I am receiving multiple job opportunities! The 1-2 punch of working with Penny and Grahame surpassed my expectations. Thank you!” – Glenn Barrett