Services for Companies

We partner with you to design and complete company projects on time and within budget to achieve your goals.  We can assist you in the fields of pre-employment, people and organisation development and post-employment programs, projects and case management.

Our experience in HR management and agency recruitment enables us to develop or manage projects for you. We can also work selectively as a delivery partner on those time and resource hungry elements in the process.

Pre-employment Services

Position Descriptions

We work with you to undertake job analysis in order to prepare or update competency based Position Descriptions, utilising your templates or ours.

Advertisement Writing

We work with you to write job advertisements that elicit responses from the right talent pools for print media or on-line job boards (mobile ready) as required.

Resume Screening

Utilise our expertise from the recruitment agency and HR arenas enabling us to quickly understand your job requirements and efficiently screen your ad response to produce a shortlist of high quality candidates with feedback.

Telephone Interviews

We work with you to develop job relevant templates for conducting telephone interviews which will provide you with a shortlist of screened candidates, relevant to a vacancy. We provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates to maintain relationships and protect employment brand as required.

Face to Face Behavioural Based Interviews

Utilise us on your interview panel or to undertake interviews on your behalf.  With our knowledge of HR and agency recruitment we understand the processes and associated technologies including competency based behavioural interviewing and profiling.

Reference Checking

Reference checking is a critical part of the recruitment process and it is important the information gained is factual and impartial.  We will work with you to create job and candidate specific reference checking templates, conduct telephone reference checks and provide written reports.

People and Organisation Development Services

Organisation Development and Strategic Alignment

We offer seasoned consulting and facilitation to work with executive, middle and front line management, and workplace teams to realign organisational cultures and sub cultures to new strategies and strategic initiatives. Our approach is both consultative and engaging. It is designed to re-energise and refocus leaders, teams and individuals on goals, tangible results, and the productivity and behaviours that cause success and mitigate risk in achieving sustainable competitiveness in a global economy.

Organisation Design, Restructuring and Redeployment

Our team offers seasoned skills to facilitate the review of business goals, refinement of the appropriate business models, and the development of strategies and appropriate structure to deploy and execute those plans effectively and efficiently. Where workforce planning suggests restructuring or internal redeployment we can support those programs and projects on a cost effective basis tailored to your short term business needs.


We can review and redevelop your current Employee Induction experience and upgrade it to a much more effective, efficient Onboarding Program spanning pre-day one activity, initial induction, socialisation and engagement, through end of probation and on to the end of the first cycle of performance and development review in a seamlessly integrated and accountable program approach.

Engagement and Performance Management

We work in collaboration with you to design, develop, deploy and improve employee and stakeholder engagement and performance management strategic initiatives.  These include

  • Culture and business transformational change
  • Improvement in specific productivity goals through employee engagement and internal and external stakeholder relationship development

This is achieved through the establishment of initiatives, programs, projects or structured activities as required to achieve measurable business results.

Development, Training, Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring

Our team can provide a development needs analysis on a prioritised basis.  We work with you to identify the right cost effective blended delivery mix of training, facilitation, coaching and mentoring.  Additionally, we can source and deliver solutions to address your current and future business needs.

Reward and Recognition Alignment

We work with you to review, develop and improve the competitiveness, equity, effectiveness, cost benefit and risk management of reward and recognition to achieve or exceed measurable business results.

Management and/or Key Person Succession Planning

Management and / or Key Person Succession is a critical and core governance discipline in modern Micro Businesses, SME’s and Enterprises alike.  We work with you to design, implement, review, develop and improve this critical capability cost effectively scaled to your business needs and practically aligned to your businesses cultural core values.

Post-employment Services

Exit Interviews and Feedback

We work with you to create relevant exit interview templates, conduct exit interviews and provide written feedback and analysis if required.

Utilising external experts to undertake the exit interview process provides a major untapped source of ‘high-yield’ organizational and leadership development, engagement and retention information. It also provides a context to sustain employee brand and to reinforce any residual obligations for confidentiality and similar matters.

Redeployment Project Services

We can provide a secure and confidential clearing house for profiles, resumes and relevant contact information of employees eligible for redeployment. Your nominated management will be able to access this information as a source of available talent for vacancies elsewhere in the organisation.

End of Employment Transition Support

We provide a cost effective outplacement service for valued employees exiting your company through redundancy or at end of contract to support successful transition to alternate employment. This service may be tailored to your needs to include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Cope with the emotional impact of redundancy
  • Clarify career direction
  • Develop job search strategies and assess job relevance
  • Develop a powerful resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Develop the skills to network effectively
  • Develop effective interview skills
  • Develop the skills to negotiate job offers effectively

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